Do I Need Vaginal Surgery?

Some years back when women were first diagnosed with this condition the majority of them just down said “no” to the treatment options available. As a woman who was suffering with PCOS, you are not alone, unfortunately 95% of women with this condition have no alternatives but to go through vaginal surgery. Even now, after going through so much pain and suffering from this disease, there is still so much that can be done to change the way that you feel about this problem. So, when the time comes for you to decide whether or not you need Vaginal Surgery you will be faced with a tough decision.

The decision that you ultimately need to make is one that you will have to live with the rest of your life. Once you have been diagnosed with PCOS, you will need to learn all of the treatments that are available for you. You will find that some of them are better than others, depending on what type of PCOS you have. When it comes to making the decision to get Vaginal Surgery, you need to have all of your facts straight and know exactly what the outcome of having the surgery will be. You should also have a full understanding of what it will involve.

Vaginal Surgeries are generally only done if the cause of the problem is serious enough. If a woman is struggling to get pregnant, or has other reproductive problems then the best course of action is to go through the recommended surgery. It is very common for problems to arise after a woman has gone through surgery. When the uterus is removed, the fallopian tubes will also need to be removed. This in turn may cause another problem where the fallopian tubes are reattached but this is usually temporary.

There are a few different types of surgeries that are being performed that will change the way that your body functions and you might even find out that Vaginal Surgery is the best option. However, there are still a lot of things that you need to know about the procedure before you even decide whether or not you should go through with it. If you are a smoker, chances are good that the procedure will not be covered by your health insurance, which is why you need to get all of your facts first. If you are currently a smoker and you have had a history of STD’s, then you most likely will not qualify for the surgery and this is the reason that you are inquiring as to do I need vaginal surgery?

The answer is no, however if you do not smoke, are within two years of getting married, and your partner is going through a particularly rough patch with their reproductive system then you most likely will qualify for vaginal surgery. You should also know that you are not going to be able to conceive within the year prior to getting the procedure. Most often they will allow you to wait till the following month to start trying so that you have some time to get ready for the upcoming procedure. They will give you a prescription for birth control pills to take for a month after surgery and after this time, you will not be able to conceive again. This can often be up to three months, but you may need more or less depending on your personal situation.

Even if you are on the road to parenthood, you could still end up needing more or less vaginal surgery in the future. Sometimes, depending on what your doctor recommends, you may need another procedure done later down the road such as an ovarian cystectomy. You should also realize that this could happen at any point in time or place, even if you are not having any other procedures done at this time.

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